Why you need a worm swag

Designed and manufactured in Australia the Worm Swag pioneered the "continuous flow" method of worm farming.

  • Simply feed your food waste in at the top and harvest your solid and liquid vermicast from the bottom.

  • The Worm Swag™ produces first class fertiliser for your garden, perfect for your veggie patches or flower gardens. Both the solid Vermicast and liquid worm juice are recognised as some of the very best natural fertilisers available.
  • Versatility of hanging from a tree branch, under a verandah, house or on a separate stand.

  • No heavy lifting of trays to empty vermicast. No small parts to clean or lose.
  • The Worm Swag can process up to 1kg of your food waste per day.

  • The Worm Swag is made to be either suspended from a solid structure or from within the optional frame.
  • The Worm Swag is easy to use and easy to harvest castings from.
  • The breathable hard wearing material ensures the whole process stays "aerobic" and your worms stay healthy and happy, no smells.

  • Worm farms are here to stay and with good reason too.

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